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Figure 3

From: Role of whole bone marrow, whole bone marrow cultured cells, and mesenchymal stem cells in chronic wound healing

Figure 3

Classical and reverse model of wounding procedure in mice. (A) Diagram with classical and reverse wound model procedure. In the classical model the 8 mm punch is made 30 days after irradiation and in the reverse model the 8 mm punch is created between the two cycles of radiation. (B) Wound healing is expressed as percentage closure relative to original size (1-(wound area on day x)/(wound area on day 0)) x100. The reverse model showed lower percentage closure at all time points compared to the classical model. P <0.05 indicates a statistically significant difference in wound area between the reverse and classical models. All values are expressed as the mean and SEM. Each group comprised 12 animals (nā€‰=ā€‰12). SEM, standard error of the mean.

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