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Figure 6

From: Metastatic neuroblastoma cancer stem cells exhibit flexible plasticity and adaptive stemness signaling

Figure 6

Adaptive plasticity of stemness signaling in MSDACs cultured under alternated growth conditions. (A) Histograms of QPCR profiling analysis showing stem cell-related transcriptional responses that were exceptionally activated with the regaining of the CSC phenotype under favorable niche conditions. These molecules did not show either loss or gain under the early CSC stage or the unfavorable and differentiated stage, but demonstrated a robust and significant activation when the MSDACs regained their CSC status, suggesting an intrinsic adaptive gain in stemness. (B) Representative blots showing the phenotypic conversion associated translational modifications in MYC, SOX2, EGFR, NOTCH1, and CXCL12. The phenotype-dependent modifications of these proteins corroborated well with their transcriptional expression data and validated the regain of the CSC status. CSC, cancer stem cell; MSDACs, metastatic site-derived aggressive cells.

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