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Table 2 The most important active modules and their participant regulators in the conversion of mouse fibroblasts into iNSCs

From: Predicting involvement of polycomb repressive complex 2 in direct conversion of mouse fibroblasts into induced neural stem cells

Comparisons Active modules
Nodes Transcription factors
iNSC versus fibroblast 83 Nr0b1, Suz12, Rad21, Pou5f1, Zic3.
90 Stat4, Nr0b1, Suz12, Rad21, Jarid2, Sall4, Pou5f1, Myb, Zic3, Gata3.
182 Nr0b1, Ezh2, Nanog, Rad21, Myb, Zic3, Stat4, Suz12, Sall4, Pou5f1, Sox2.
213 Nanog, Rad21, Zic3, Suz12, Wt1, Sall4, Cebpb, Tcf3, Sox2, Nr0b1, Ezh2, Myb, Pou5f1, Olig2, Tfcp2l1.
5 Sall4, Pou5f1, Nanog, Sox2.
  1. iNSCs, induced neural stem cells.