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Table 1 Primers for RT q-PCR

From: Molecular differences between stromal cell populations from deciduous and permanent human teeth

Gene symbol Assay Gene symbol Assay
GAPDH Hs99999905_m1 VEGF Hs00900054_m1
HMGA2 Hs00171569_m1 FGFR1 Hs00241111_m1
FABE Hs02339439_g1 PLXNA3 Hs00250178_m1
CDK1 Hs00364293_m1 TIMP1 Hs99999139_m1
MAD2L1 Hs03063324_g1 SERPINF1 Hs01106937_m1
MMP6 Hs00757922_g1 JMJ (Jarid2) Hs01004457_m1
CDK4 Hs00364847_m1 IGF1R Hs00951562_m1
MMP23A;B Hs00270380_m1 COL1A1 Hs00164004_m1
TK1 Hs01062125_m1 INHBA Hs00170103_m1
ITGB1 Hs00559595_m1 FN1 Hs00277509_m1