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Table 3 Down-regulated genes in pulp cells from permanent teeth in microarray

From: Molecular differences between stromal cell populations from deciduous and permanent human teeth

Gene name Reference sequence Function Log 2 fold change
HMGA2 NM_003483 Expressed during mammalian embryonic development. High expression in neural stem cells and decreases with age −1.390
FABE NM_001444 Found in epidermal cells, may be involved in keratinocyte differentiation −0.995
CDC2A NM_001786, NM_033379 Cell cycle key mediator of neuronal cell death in brain development and degeneration −0.983
MAD2L1 NM_002358 Cell division and mitosis −0.970
TK1 NM_003258 Cell division and mitosis −0.910
MMP23A-MMP23B NM_006983, NR_002946 Cytosolic enzyme, high in proliferating cells −0.486
FZD3 NM_017412 Involved in the breakdown of extracellular matrix −0.400
MMP6 NM_005792 Cell division −0.378
CDK4 NM_000075 Cell cycle −0.394
PTTG_human NM_004219,NM_006607, NR_002734 Cell division −1.116