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Table 1 Description, clinical history, diagnostic data, and treatment of 15 horses with 17 SDFT lesions

From: Effect of a single injection of autologous conditioned serum (ACS) on tendon healing in equine naturally occurring tendinopathies

Horse number Breed Age (years) Gender For which purpose used Reported duration of SDFT tendinopathy until initial examination (days) Reported initiating event Limb affected Maximal injury zone Lesion type Treatment
ACS group
2241/09 Thoroughbred 2 S Racing 2 Training RF 2b Diffuse ACS
2240/09 Thoroughbred 3 S Racing 2–3 Training RF 2b Core ACS
2489/09a Thoroughbred 4 M Racing 7 Racing RF 1b Core ACS
2539/09 Warmblood 3 S Dressage 14 Blunt trauma RF 2b Marginal ACS
1672/10 Arabian 17 G Pleasure 14 Running free RF 1b Core ACS
6264/10b Warmblood 8 G Dressage 9 Unknown RF 3a Marginal ACS
6335/10 Warmblood 10 G Pleasure 10 Unknown LF 2b Diffuse ACS
4793/10 Thoroughbred 3 S Racing 7 Training LF 2b Core ACS
6263/10 Warmblood 20 M Pleasure 14 Stumbling at cross country ride RF 1b Core ACS
2378/10 Warmblood 11 M Pleasure 13 At ride LF 2b Diffuse ACS
   Mean 8.1         
2489/09a Thoroughbred 4 M Racing 7 Racing LF 1b Diffuse No
6264/10b Warmblood 8 G Dressage 9 Unknown LF 2a Core Saline
6111/10 Warmblood 5 M Jumping 14 Kicking himself over the jump RF 1b Marginal No
6265/10 Warmblood 5 M Pleasure 7 Unknown RF 1b Marginal Saline
6383/11 Warmblood 18 M Pleasure 10 At cross country ride LF 2a Marginal No
5461/11 Warmblood 14 G Police horse 4 At gallop on beach LF 2b Diffuse No
6384/11 Half-blood 8 G Eventing 1 After eventing competition LF 2a Core No
   Mean 8.86         
  1. a, bHorses had bilateral SDFT lesions and served for the ACS group and as control. ACS autologous conditioned serum (treated with single intralesional injection of autologous conditioned serum); G gelding, LF left front limb, M mare, RF right front limb, S stallion, Saline treated with single intralesional saline injection, SDFT superficial digital flexor tendon