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Fig. 3

From: Erratum to: Switching of mesodermal and endodermal properties in hTERT-modified and expanded fetal human pancreatic progenitor cells

Fig. 3

Phenotype alterations in fetal pancreatic cells. a shows RT-PCR for epithelial marker, CK-19, and mesenchymal marker, vimentin, along with TGF-β1, TGFβ2 and their receptors under various conditions indicated. b shows morphological changes in LV-Pdx1-transduced hTERT-FPC during culture with serum and in the absence of serum plus addition of Activin A (bottom panel). These data indicated that cells became more rounded and less flattened in the absence of serum and presence of Activin A. c shows changes in vimentin expression by immunostaining in LV-Pdx1-transduced hTERT-FPC cultured with serum (top left), and with Activin A and no serum (bottom left). No immunostaining was detected when vimentin antibody was omitted (top right). The panel at bottom right in c shows quantitation of vimentin immunofluorescence signals by image analysis to indicate that culture without serum and with activin A perturbed cell phenotype, which was in agreement with morphological changes in LV-Pdx1-transduced hTERT-FPC

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