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Fig. 1

From: Mesenchymal stem cells stabilize the blood–brain barrier through regulation of astrocytes

Fig. 1

MSC treatment reduces BBB permeability in LPS-induced animals. LPS administration into the SN increased EB infiltration and decreased EBA-expressing cells; however, MSC treatment following LPS administration markedly decreased EB infiltration a and increased EBA-immunoreactive cells in the SN b (n = 5). **p <0.01. Scale bar: 20 μm and 100 μm. Number of EBA-positive cells as quantified by stereological analysis c. In addition, MSC treatment significantly decreased the number of P-gp-expressing cells in the SN of LPS-treated animals compared with only LPS-treated animals d, e (n = 5). **p <0.01. Scale bar: 100 μm. EBA endothelial-barrier antigen, LPS lipopolysaccharide, MSC mesenchymal stem cell, p-gp P-glycoprotein

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