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Fig. 2

From: Adult bone marrow mesenchymal and neural crest stem cells are chemoattractive and accelerate motor recovery in a mouse model of spinal cord injury

Fig. 2

MSCmix and NCSCmix intraspinal cell graft accelerates motor recovery in mice with moderate SCI. MSC-grafted mice and NCSC-grafted mice recovered hindlimb motility faster than PBS-injected mice, as reflected by the Basso Mouse Scale scoring (a) (n = 6 to 7, repeated measures ANOVA and HSD post-test, *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001). Indeed, it appears that MSC- and NCSC-grafted mice reach score 4 (plantar stepping, b) and score 6 (coordination, c) in a significantly reduced time interval (n = 6 to 7, one-way ANOVA and HSD post-test, **p < 0.01). MSC mesenchymal stem cell, NCSC neural crest stem cell, SCI spinal cord injury, PBS phosphate-buffered saline, ANOVA analysis of variance, HSD honestly significant difference

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