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Table 3 Qiagen primer assays used for miRNA quantification

From: Endothelial properties of third-trimester amniotic fluid stem cells cultured in hypoxia

Assay number Official symbol Qiagen catalog number Lot number
Hs_miR-126_1 MIR126 MS00003430 116330116
Hs_miR-132_1 MIR132 MS00003458 116330117
Hs_miR-210_1 MIR210 MS00003801 116330113
Hs_miR-221_1 MIR221 MS00003857 116330111
Hs_miR-222_2 MIR222 MS00007609 116330110
Hs_RNU6-2_11 N/A MS00033740 117836183