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Fig. 3

From: Native extracellular matrix preserves mesenchymal stem cell “stemness” and differentiation potential under serum-free culture conditions

Fig. 3

Cell number of early passage BM-MSCs after culture in SFM or SCM for 21 days. Early passage (P1) cultures of BM-MSCs were grown for up to 21 days on TCP, BM-ECM, or CELLstart™ in SCM or SFM. At harvest, cell number was determined by cell counting after staining with trypan blue. Morphology of the cells, after culture on the three different substrates for 7 days in SCM and SFM, is shown in phase-contrast micrographs in the lower panels. Scale bar: 200 μm. BM-ECM bone marrow-derived extracellular matrix, BM-MSC bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell, SCM serum-containing media, SFM serum-free media, TCP tissue culture plastic

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