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Table 1 Details of CD used for each cell population described

From: In vitro and in vivo evaluation of cord blood hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells amplified with glycosaminoglycan mimetic

  Population Panel Percentage expressed in
In vitro analysis Enriched HSC CD45/34/90 CD45
Myeloid progenitor CD45/34hi/33 Cells
Myeloid precursor CD45/34lo/33 Cells
Monocyte lineage CD45/34/33/14 Cells
Neutrophil lineage CD45/34/14/33 Cells
B-lymphocyte progenitor CD45/34/10/19 CD45
B-lymphocyte lineage CD45/10/19 CD45
Megakaryocyte precursor CD45/34/41/42 Cells
Immature platelet CD45/41/42 Cells
Erythroid lineage CD45/36/235a Cells
Immature erythrocyte CD45/36/235a Cells
Mice analysis Hematopoietic cells CD45 Cells
HSPCs CD45/34 CD45
Enriched HSC CD45/34hi CD45
HSC CD45/34/38/90/45RA CD34
MPP CD45/34/38/90/45RA CD34
CLP CD45/34/10 CD34
GMP CD45/34/10/38/135/45RA CD34
CMP CD45/34/10/38/135/45RA CD34
MEP CD45/34/10/38/135/45RA CD34
T-lymphocyte progenitor CD45/34/10/19/7 CD34
B-lymphocyte progenitor CD45/34/10/19/7 CD34
B-lymphocyte CD45/34–/19/7 CD45
Myeloid progenitor CD45/34hi/33 CD34
Myeloid precursor CD45/34lo/33/15 CD34
Dendritic cell CD45/34/14/15/11b/11c CD45
Monocyte CD45/34/33/14/15 CD45
Neutrophil CD45/34/33/14/15 CD45
Megakaryocyte precursor CD45/34/41a/42 CD45
Platelet CD45/41a/42 Cells
Erythroid lineage CD45/36/235a CD45
Erythrocyte CD45/235a Cells
  1. CD cluster of differentiation, CLP common lymphoid progenitor cells, CMP common myeloid progenitor cells, GMP granulocyte macrophage progenitor cells, hi high, HSC hematopoietic stem cells, HSPC hematopoietic stem cell and progenitor cell, lo low, MEP megakaryocyte erythroid progenitor cells, MPP multipotent progenitor cells