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Table 1 Surface profile of HSCs in mouse and human [7]

From: Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for multiple sclerosis: is it a clinical reality?

CD marker Synonym Main expression Function
CD3 T3, leu4 T cell Mediated T-cell signal transduction and used in Lin cocktail
CD4 T4, leu3 MHC-II, T cell, macrophage/monocytes, dendritic cells Initiate early phase of T-cell activation and used in Lin cocktail
CD8 T8 MHC-I, T-cell subsets T-cell-mediated killing, and used in Lin cocktail
CD11b CR3, MAC 1 Macrophage/monocytes, dendritic cells, granulocytes, NK cells Phagocytosis, adhesion interaction of macrophage/monocytes, granulocytes, and used in Lin cocktail
CD11c CR4 Macrophage/monocytes, granulocytes, NK cells Similar to CD11b, cell–cell interaction during inflammatory response, and used in Lin cocktail
CD34 Gp105/120, Mucosialin Precursor of hematopoietic cells, endothelial cells Cell adhesion
CD38 T10 Lymphoid cells, macrophage/monocytes Cell adhesion and transduction
CD45R B220, Ly-5 T cells and mostly B cells T-cell and B-cell antigen receptor-mediated signaling, and used in Lin cocktail
CD59 MIRL T cells, NK cells, granulocytes, erythroid, macrophage/monocytes Complement cascade regulation
CD117 c-Kit HSCs/progenitor cells and mast cells Survival of mast cells, activation, proliferation, and chemotaxis
CD161 NK1.1 NK cells NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity, proliferation, and used in Lin cocktail
SCA-1 Ly6A/E HSCs, HPCs, some lymphoid and myeloid cells Mice HSCs are positive
Gr1 Ly-6G Monocytes and granulocytes Used in Lin cocktail
Ter119 Ly76 Erythroid cells Used in Lin cocktail
  1. CD cluster of differentiation, c-Kit tyrosine-protein kinase receptor, CR complement receptor, HPC hematopoietic progenitor cell, HSC hematopoietic stem cell, leu leucine, Lin lineage markers, Ly lymphocyte activation protein, MAC1 macrophage 1 antigen, MHC major histocompatibility complex, MIRL membrane inhibitor of reactive lysis, NK natural killer, SCA-1 stem cell antigen-1