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Fig. 1

From: Relevance of HCN2-expressing human mesenchymal stem cells for the generation of biological pacemakers

Fig. 1

Efficiency of mouse HCN2 (mHCN2) transfection in hMSCs cells. a Primary evaluation of transfection efficiency by microscopy: upper left panel, light microscopy picture of hMSCs; upper right panel, fluorescent picture of not transfected cells; lower panel, fluorescent picture of mHCN2-transfected cells. Cells were investigated 48 h after the seeding. Magnification 20×. b Evaluation of transfection efficiency by flow cytometry. Red, fluorescence of cells before transfection; blue, fluorescence of cells after transfection. One representative graph is shown. c Expression of the mHCN2 gene in hMSCs was estimated by RT-qPCR. HCN2 column shows the level of endogenous human HCN2 in hMSCs cells estimated with cDNA against human HCN2. d Level of intracellular mHCN2 protein after transfection was estimated by ELISA and expressed as ng/mg protein. Protein was measured as described in the Methods section. Data are presented as means ± SD. The increased mHCN2 expression after transfection was significant at *p < 0.05

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