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Fig. 4

From: Multipotency and cardiomyogenic potential of human adipose-derived stem cells from epicardium, pericardium, and omentum

Fig. 4

Evaluation of ADSC osteogenic potential. Changes of ALP activity (a) and calcium mineral deposition (b) over 3 weeks of osteogenic differentiation (O), as compared with the respective control culture and between subsets (C), quantitated by colorimetric analysis (n = 5 adipose tissue samples for each ADSC subtype, mean ± SEM; $ P < 0.001, *P < 0.005, % P < 0.05 vs week 1; ^P < 0,001; # P < 0.05 vs week 2; and &P < 0.05, @ P = 0.05 vs respective E-ADSCs). Example of P-ADSC ALP and Alizarin red S staining after 3-week osteogenesis (c, d) or control culture (e, f). ALP alkaline phosphatase, E/O/P-ADSC epicardial/omental/pericardial adipose-derived stem cell

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