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Fig. 7

From: Multipotency and cardiomyogenic potential of human adipose-derived stem cells from epicardium, pericardium, and omentum

Fig. 7

E-ADSCs, P-ADSCs, and O-ADSCs 3 weeks after seven-factor transduction. Expression of Actn2 and cTNT. Quantitative real-time RT-PCR results performed in duplicate represented by fold-change values in the treated culture (reprogramming viral solution + polybrene) as compared with the respective control (polybrene only) (n = 5 adipose tissue samples for each ADSC subtype) (a, b). Bright-field microscopy and anti-alpha-actinin immunostaining (E-ADSCs cf, P-ADSCs g, h, O-ADSCs i), revealing alpha-actinin-positive cells, changes in cell morphology (c, ei), and striations (d). BJF BJ fibroblasts, E/O/P-ADSC epicardial/omental/pericardial adipose-derived stem cell, 7 F seven factor (GATA4, MEF2C, TBX5, ESRRG, MESP1, MYOCD, ZFPM2)

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