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Table 1 Culture efficacy of XF-HFF/CDM conditions and other culture conditions on the survival and differentiation rates of hESCs after transferring four passages

From: Comparison of a xeno-free and serum-free culture system for human embryonic stem cells with conventional culture systems

Group Colony formation rate (%)a Differentiation rate (%)b
XF-HFF/CDM(P25+40) 91.25 ± 2.22 6.00 ± 1.83
HS-matrix/CDM(P25+40) 26.5 ± 2.08* 85.00 ± 3.60*
XF-HFF/HS(P25+40) 77.75 ± 2.21* 86.00 ± 3.37*
XF-HFF/KSR(P25+40) 93.75 ± 2.22 5.50 ± 2.02
  1. aNumber of hESC colonies/total number of hESC colonies
  2. bNumber of hESC colonies with partial or whole differentiation/total number of hESC colonies
  3. *p < 0.01, control groups versus new culture condition group
  4. CDM chemically-defined medium, hESC human embryonic stem cell, HS human serum, KSR KnockOut Serum Replacement, XF-HFF xeno-free human foreskin fibroblast feeders
  5. P25+40, defined as the embryonic stem cells which were established and cultured in XC-HFF/KSR culture system for 25 passages, then were shifted to the culture systems of experimental group and control group for 40 passages