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Fig. 3

From: Periodontal regeneration in swine after cell injection and cell sheet transplantation of human dental pulp stem cells following good manufacturing practice

Fig. 3

Clinical and bone qualitative assessments of regenerated periodontal tissues mediated by hDPSC transplantation in miniature pigs. a, b Clinical assessments of the periodontal situation in the three groups. At week 0, there was no significant difference in PD (a) and AL (b) among the three groups. However, at 12 weeks post-transplantation, the PD (a), and AL (b) values were significantly improved in the hDPSC injection and hDPSC sheet groups compared with the control group. Data are expressed as the mean ± SD (mm). The differences in clinical indexes at each time point among the three groups were analyzed using one-way analysis of variance. The pairwise comparisons were analyzed using the Bonferroni method (*P <0.05, n = 5). c The bone regeneration length was highest in the hDPSC sheet group, while the height of bone regeneration in the hDPSC injection group was also higher than the control group, indicating there was more bone tissue regeneration in the hDPSC injection and hDPSC sheet groups than in the control group (*P < 0.05). d Semi-quantitative analysis shows the amount of bone formation in each group. The percentage of bone in the periodontium was larger in the hDPSC sheet group and hDPSC injection group compared with the control group (*P < 0.05); the bone area was larger in the hDPSC sheet group than that in the hDPSC injection group ( P < 0.05). Statistical significance was evaluated by analysis of variance. All error bars represent SD (n = 5). hDPSC human dental pulp stem cell, W weeks

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