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Fig. 3

From: Significant improvement of direct reprogramming efficacy of fibroblasts into progenitor endothelial cells by ETV2 and hypoxia

Fig. 3

Hypoxia improves the reprogramming of ETV2 of fibroblasts into EPCs. HFs were negative for both CD31 and VEGFR2 (a), while ETV2 transduced cells contained a small population of CD31+VEGFR2+/− (b). In the hypoxia condition, ETV2 transduced fibroblasts significantly increased to form CD31+VEGFR2+ cells (c). To evaluate some cell characteristics from two cell populations, all CD31+ cells in the groups of normoxia and transduction with ETV2 (d) and of hypoxia and transduction with ETV2 (e) were sorted

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