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Table 1 List of antibodies used for flow cytometry validation

From: Identification and validation of multiple cell surface markers of clinical-grade adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells as novel release criteria for good manufacturing practice-compliant production

Antibody Fluorophore Company Catalog number
CD163 FITC Beckman Coulter B17492
CD140B PE BD 558821
CD248 Alexa Fluor 647a Abgent AP6756b
CD146 PC5 Beckman Coulter A22364
CD200 PE-Cy7 BD 562125
CD36 APC Beckman Coulter A87786
CD34 APC-A750 Beckman Coulter A89309
CD44 Pac Blu Beckman Coulter B37789
CD44 PC7 eBioscience 25-0441
CD276 APC eBioscience 17-2769-41
CD271 FITC Biolegend 345104
CD105 PE Beckman Coulter A07414
CD73 PerCP eFluor710 eBioscience # 46-0739-42
CD73 PE BD #550257
CD90 FITC Beckman Coulter IM1839U
CD274 PC7 Beckman Coulter A78884
CD14 ECD Beckman Coulter IM2707U
HLA-ABC APC eBioscience 17-9983
HLA-DR Pac Blu Beckman Coulter A74781
CD45 Krome Orange Beckman Coulter A96416
  1. APC allophycocyanin, FITC fluorescein isothiocyanate, PC7 R-phycoerythrin cyanin 7, PE R-phycoerythrin
  2. a Custom Beckman Coulter-labeled antibody