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Table 1 TaqMan primer and probes used in the study

From: The effect of mesenchymal stromal cell sheets on the inflammatory stage of flexor tendon healing

Gene symbol Assay number RefSeq accession number Amplicon length (bp)
ACAN Cf02674826_m1 NM_001113455.1 125
CD163 Cf02627309_m1 NM_001048020.1 78
COL1A1 Cf02623126_m1 NM_001003090.1 87
COL2A1 Cf02622836_m1 NM_001006951.1 72
COL3A1 Cf02631370_m1 XM_535997.2 78
COL5A1 Cf02645008_m1 XM_537804.2 77
DCN Cf02628561_m1 NM_001003228.1 78
GAPDH Cf04419463_gH NM_001003142.1 54
IL1B Cf02671953_g1 NM_001037971.1 78
IL6 Cf02624152_g1 NM_001003301.1 80
MMP1 Cf02651000_g1 XM_546546.2 63
MMP3 Cf02625960_m1 NM_001002967.1 79
MMP13 Cf02623587_m1 XM_536598.2 78
PPIB Cf02629556_m1 M_535510.2 78
PTGS1 Cf02624717_m1 NM_001003023.1 75
PTGS2 Cf02625600_g1 NM_001003354.1 90
SOX9 Cf02625134_g1 NM_001002978.1 103
TGFB1 Cf02623324_m1 NM_001003309.1 83
TGFB3 Cf02625275_m1 XM_849026.1 118
TNF Cf02628236_m1 NM_001003244.4 75
TNMD Cf02665570_m1 XM_538101.2 106
VEGFA Cf02623448_m1 NM_001003175.2 69