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Table 2 SYBR green primers used in this study

From: The effect of mesenchymal stromal cell sheets on the inflammatory stage of flexor tendon healing

Gene symbol Catalogue number RefSeq accession number Amplicon length (bp)
GAPDH QT00896756 NM_001003142 83
IFN-G QT00897036 NM_001003174 136
IL10 QT01119804 NM_001003077 119
IL13 QT00898821 NM_001003384 137
IL1RN QT00896189 NM_001003096 89
IL4 QT00896931 NM_001003159 93
MRC1 QT01361703 XM_544242 90
NOS2 QT01118831 NM_001003186 75