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Fig. 5

From: Preclinical study of mouse pluripotent parthenogenetic embryonic stem cell derivatives for the construction of tissue-engineered skin equivalent

Fig. 5

Preparation of TESE and grafting onto mice. a Homogeneous cell encapsulation in the collagen gels. Bars = 100 μm. b CFDA labeling shows the high viability of embedded cells in the collagen gels. Bars = 100 μm. c Gross appearance of prepared TESE before use. d Gross appearance of skin defect repair. e Mean wound closure percentage for each group in a time manner. Error bars represent SDs, n = 5 for each group. Statistical results are presented in Table 4. eF embryonic stem cell-derived fibroblast, F mouse fibroblast, pF parthenogenetic embryonic stem cell-derived fibroblast

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