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Table 1 Content of mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells in human bone marrow-derived mononuclear cell fraction

From: Biohybrid cochlear implants in human neurosensory restoration

Conjugated antibody Catalog number/Company IVD/ASR/RUO Fluorochrome Clone
CD3-ECD A07748/Beckman Coulter IVD ECD UCHT1
CD14-PB PN B00846/Beckman Coulter ASR PB RMO52
CD34-PE A07776/Beckman Coulter IVD PE 581
CD45-KO IM3548/Beckman Coulter IVD PC7 J33
CD73-FITC 561254/BD Pharmingen™ RUO FITC AD2
CD90-FITC PN IM1839U/Beckman Coulter ASR FITC F15-42-1-5
CD105-APC 562408/BD Pharming™ RUO APC 266
CD166-PE PN A22361/Beckman Coulter ASR PE 3A6
HLA-DR-PB PN A74781/Beckman Coulter ASR PB Immu-357
  1. Process performance was estimated by evaluations of the CD45 and CD45+ cell recovery (%), and viability (%) of collected samples from two runs after bone marrow depletion. Individual values are represented from both processes including the percentage of total CD45+ and CD45 cells, and the characterisations of viable progenitor cells with positive and negative discrimination markers among viable CD45 cells. RUO research use only, IVD in vitro diagnostic, ASR analyte specific reagent, ECD electron coupled dye, PB pacific blue, PE phycoerythrin, PC7 phycoerythrin cyanin 7, FITC fluorescein isothiocyanate, APC allophycocyanin