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Fig. 1

From: Local versus intravenous injections of skeletal muscle precursor cells in nonhuman primates with acute or chronic intrinsic urinary sphincter deficiency

Fig. 1

Muscle/collagen content in acute ISD. Percent of sphincter area occupied by muscle or collagen from cross sections of tissue stained with Mason’s Trichrome in monkeys with acute ISD (6-week duration). Data are shown for control (no surgery, no treatment), monkeys with acute ISD and local injection of vehicle only (ALV), acute ISD monkeys with local injection of 5 million autologous skeletal muscle precursor cells (ALM) and acute ISD monkeys with systemic administration of 5 million autologous skeletal muscle cells (ASM). ANOVA = 0.0001. Note. Statistical significance notations apply to both collagen and muscle content. * = p < 0.05 (for both collagen and muscle content) vs. control; § = p < 0.05 vs. ALV (local vehicle); # = p < 0.05 vs. ALM (local muscle). Values are mean ± standard error of the mean (SEM). Results indicate that ISD produced a collagen-rich sphincter, whereas local muscle injection, and to a lesser extent, systemic administration of skeletal muscle precursor cells, restored the muscle-dominant sphincter

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