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Fig. 5

From: Local versus intravenous injections of skeletal muscle precursor cells in nonhuman primates with acute or chronic intrinsic urinary sphincter deficiency

Fig. 5

Pudendal nerve-stimulated MUP in acute ISD. Data are MUP values in cm H2O. The time points are pre-ISD procedure (baseline), post-ISD (immediately before treatment - 6 weeks post ISD procedure) and 6 months posttreatments in the local vehicle injection (ALV), local skeletal muscle precursor cell (ALM), and systemic muscle cell injection (ASM) groups. ANOVA p = 0.03. ** = p < 0.01 resting vs. pudendal nerve-stimulated MUP values. Values are mean ± standard error of the mean (SEM). Results indicate that pudendal stimulation increased MUP values in the local cell injection group, and that there were trends (not statistically significant) toward increasing MUP values in the systemic cell-treated group. ISD intrinsic urinary sphincter deficiency, MUP maximal urethral pressure

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