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Fig. 8

From: Local versus intravenous injections of skeletal muscle precursor cells in nonhuman primates with acute or chronic intrinsic urinary sphincter deficiency

Fig. 8

Vascularization and motor endplate expression in chronic ISD. Data are the number of blood vessels using quantitative immunohistochemical evaluation of vascularization (number of von Willebrand-stained vessels) and number of somatic innervation (number of neurofilament + bungarotoxin-stained motor endplates). The study groups are control (no ISD, no treatment), local vehicle (CLV), local skeletal muscle precursor cell injection (CLM) and systemic muscle cell injection (CSM). ANOVA = 0.03. Values are mean ± SEM. * = p < 0.05 vs. control for both von Willebrand and neurofilament/bungarotoxin staining. Results indicate that the ISD procedure reduced the vascularization and somatic nerve protein expression in the urinary sphincters and that local cell injections only partially restored the expression to that seen in control animals (p = 0.07)

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