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Fig. 3

From: Microvesicles secreted from equine amniotic-derived cells and their potential role in reducing inflammation in endometrial cells in an in-vitro model

Fig. 3

MV uptake. a Graph of dose/exposure time for microvesicle (MV) incorporation. The uptake of MVs drastically increased at 72 h for all concentration but decreased at 50 × 106/ml MVs. Data represent the mean and SD of three independent experiments. b, c Representative z-stack orthogonal projection micrographs showing the internalization of MVs as detected by confocal microscopy in two group of endometrial cells co-cultured with MVs for 24 h. The images were taken at different plans scanned every 0.5 μm from top to bottom of the nucleus and showed at different magnification. a.u. arbitratry units

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