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Fig. 5

From: Microvesicles secreted from equine amniotic-derived cells and their potential role in reducing inflammation in endometrial cells in an in-vitro model

Fig. 5

Quantitative RT-PCR analysis for the expression of a TNF-α, b IL-6, and c IL-1β in endometrial cells in different experimental conditions. Expression of d MMP-1 and e MMP-13 in endometrial cells exposed to 10 ng/ml LPS (LPS10 24h) and simultaneously to 10 ng/ml LPS and MVs (LPS10 24h + MV). Expression levels have been normalized to the reference gene (GAPDH). Data are represented as fold-change compared with the expression observed in endometrial cells (control, CTR). Values are mean ± SD (n = 3). P values of expression levels in respect to control are shown above groups when significant in panels a–c, and the values labeled with different letters are statistically different (P < 0.05) in panels d and e. f PCR assays to determine the presence of different miRNA (miR-26a-2, miR-335, miR146a), and small nucleolar snoRNA, C/D Box 95 (SNORD95; positive control) in MVs and cells (C) isolated from amniotic membrane. CTR control, IL interleukin, L  molecular weight ladder, LPS lipopolysaccharide, MMP matrix metalloproteinase, MV microvesicle, NC negative control, ns not significant, TNF tumor necrosis factor

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