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Fig. 3

From: Endothelial differentiation of bone marrow mesenchyme stem cells applicable to hypoxia and increased migration through Akt and NFκB signals

Fig. 3

Mature endothelial characteristics were observed after the eELCs were subjected to laminar shear stress (LSS) for 24 hr. The PECAM-1 gene (a) and cellular alignment in responding to the flow direction (b) were increased under LSS. However, the Boydon chamber assay demonstrated decreases of cell transmigration after LSS stimulation (c). Scale bar: (b) 200 μm; (c) 400 μm. #Significant from static eELC under hypoxia (DFO, 50 μM), p < 0.05. DFO desferrioxamine, MSC mesenchymal stem cells, eELC early endothelial lineage cells

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