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Fig. 1

From: Effect of mesenchymal stem cells on small intestinal injury in a rat model of acute necrotizing pancreatitis

Fig. 1

Characterization of MSCs isolated from rat bone marrow and tracking of infused CM-Dil-labeled MSCs in the small intestine. a Typical cell morphology of MSCs with adherent growth as spindle-shaped and fibroblast-like, whirl-like distribution at 3 days of the third passage culture (×200). b MSCs displayed red fluorescence that was evenly labeled with CM-Dil (×200). cf Expression of surface markers of MSCs by flow cytometry. The surface markers of c CD29, d CD90, e CD34, and f CD45 were 93.3%, 93.8%, 0.78%, and 1.43%, respectively. gi In-vivo localization of MSCs in the small intestine 24 h after the establishment of the rat ANP model; the picture of the rat small intestine frozen section with (g) or without (h) fluorescence. The merged picture (i) with g and h showed that most of the MSCs localized to the small intestine mucous layer (×100)

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