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Fig. 3

From: Effect of mesenchymal stem cells on small intestinal injury in a rat model of acute necrotizing pancreatitis

Fig. 3

Tracking of infused FITC-albumin in the small intestine and the mesentery of the small intestine 24 h after the establishment of the rat ANP model. ac Small intestine frozen sections (×50). FITC-albumin located in the small intestinal capillaries in the control group (a). Compared to the control group, a lot of extravasated FITC-albumin was seen in the intestinal tissues in the ANP group (b). After treatment with MSCs, extravasation of the FITC-albumin was less than that in the ANP group (c). df Small intestinal mesentery covered glass slide (×50). FITC-albumin located in the small intestine mesentery capillaries in the control group (d). High levels of FITC-albumin were observed in the areas of perivascular space in the ANP group (e). Extravasation of the FITC-albumin was reduced significantly in the MSC-treated group (f)

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