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Fig. 4

From: Effect of mesenchymal stem cells on small intestinal injury in a rat model of acute necrotizing pancreatitis

Fig. 4

Scanning electron microscopy of endothelium in venules of rat small intestine mesentery. a The luminal surface of the small intestine mesentery venules was smooth and flat in the control group. bd The damage to the connections of venule endothelial cells increased over time after induction of ANP (b, ANP 6 h; c, ANP 12 h; d, ANP 24 h). The gaps between connections of endothelial cells at 24 h was the most wide of all time points (d). ef After treatment with MSCs, the damage was less than that observed in the ANP group at the corresponding time points (e, MSC-treated 12 h; f, MSC-treated 24 h). The arrows refer to the connections of venule endothelial cells

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