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Fig. 1

From: Cardiosphere-derived cells do not improve cardiac function in rats with cardiac failure

Fig. 1

Isolation and characterization of CDC. a Cardiac tissue was minced into small fragments and plated as explants. PBCs were collected and cultured on nonadherent plates, forming cardiospheres. CDC were generated by transferring cardiospheres to adherent plates. Representative images of human and rat explants (b, e), cardiospheres (c, f) and CDC (d, g). Surface molecule expression was characterized by flow cytometry in hCDC (h) and rCDC (i). Note the large standard deviations for CD90 in both hCDC and rCDC, representing heterogeneous expression of this molecule. hCDC human cardiosphere-derived cell, rCDC rat cardiosphere-derived cell

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