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Fig. 3

From: Cardiosphere-derived cells do not improve cardiac function in rats with cardiac failure

Fig. 3

Cardiac function evaluation after CDC therapy. a EDV, (b) EF, (c) ESV, and (d) FAC. Arrows, rats treated 1 day after the data were collected. No differences were found when placebo, rCDC, and hCDC groups were compared. Sham-operated rats had significantly lower values of EDV and ESV and higher values of EF and FAC when compared with the infarcted groups. Considering equal volumes, infarcted groups had lower values of diastolic (e) and systolic (f) pressures when compared with sham-operated rats, suggesting cavity dilation and systolic dysfunction respectively. The area under the diastolic (g) and systolic (h) curves (AUC) was calculated. There were no differences between placebo and cell-treated groups. i Representative images of serial heart tissue slices stained by Sirius Red from sham, infarcted animals treated with CDC and placebo. Fibrotic tissue is marked in red. j Quantification of fibrotic area showed a significant increase in infarcted groups when compared with sham-operated rats. Shaded area represents values belonging to the sham group. No differences were observed between placebo, rCDC, and hCDC groups. *p < 0.05 when comparing sham animals with infarcted animals (Color figure online). hCDC human cardiosphere-derived cell, rCDC rat cardiosphere-derived cell

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