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Fig. 5

From: Hepatic population derived from human pluripotent stem cells is effectively increased by selective removal of undifferentiated stem cells using YM155

Fig. 5

Hepatic functional tests with stem cell iHeps pretreated withYM155 at stage II. WA01-iHeps pretreated with 5 nM YM155 at stage II showed the typical hepatic morphology, glycogen synthesis, LDL uptake and immunoreactivity of AFP and ALB (a). With stem cell iHeps (QIA7-iHeps and WA01-iHeps) pretreated by 5 nM YM155 selected as the optimal concentration at stage II, the amount of albumin (b) and urea (c) secreted for 24 h at day 22 of differentiation was measured and compared with DMSO control, HepG2 and p-Heps. Also, drug clearance was determined with aflatoxin B1 (1 μM) and acetaminophen (100 μM) (d). After each compound was incubated with QIA7-iHeps, WA01-iHeps and p-Heps for 24 h, the concentration of each compound was measured using the HPLC method (d). *p < 0.05 and different superscript letters indicate significant differences. AFP alpha-fetoprotein, ALB albumin, DMSO dimethyl sulfoxide, iHep induced hepatocyte, LDL low density lipoprotein, PAS periodic acid Schiff

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