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Fig. 3

From: CK2.1, a bone morphogenetic protein receptor type Ia mimetic peptide, repairs cartilage in mice with destabilized medial meniscus

Fig. 3

HGP-CK2.1 induced collagen type II and collagen type IX expression in AC. DMM mice injected with PBS or HGP-CK2.1 or HGP and sham-operated mice were immunostained for collagen type II (red) and type IX (magenta), and Hoechst (blue) was used to counterstain the nucleus of the residing cell and location. HGP-CK2.1 injected mice demonstrated high levels of collagen type IX compared to both HGP or PBS injected control mice. Scale bars = 100 μm. AC articular cartilage, HGP hydrogel particle, MF medial femur, MC marrow cavity, PBS phosphate-buffered saline, PC patellar cavity, SHAM sham-operated

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