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Fig. 5

From: Human adult mesangiogenic progenitor cells reveal an early angiogenic potential, which is lost after mesengenic differentiation

Fig. 5

Sprouting from 3D spheroids. Substantial differences among cell populations were found in culturing spheroids on Matrigel®. A front of gel invasion was rapidly (24 h) detected in MPC-derived spheroids while spheroids from P2-MSCs and HUVECs showed more compact structures with sharper edges (a). After 1 week, MPC spheroids showed loose network structures and sprouting over 250 μm from the edge. Sprouting from P2-MSC spheroids was definitely reduced with only few cells detected within a shorter (35 μm) distance from the edge. Conversely, HUVECs showed no invading capacity (b). HUVEC human umbilical vein endothelial cell, MPC mesangiogenic progenitor cell, MSC mesenchymal stromal cell, N.D. not detected

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