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Fig. 8

From: Human adult mesangiogenic progenitor cells reveal an early angiogenic potential, which is lost after mesengenic differentiation

Fig. 8

Histological examination of chicken embryo CAM grafts. Application of “no cell” grafts did not alter CAM morphology, allowing clear identification of the three-layer structure formed by endoderm (ED), mesoderm (M), and ectoderm (ET). MPC grafts showed extended areas of Geltrex™ degradation and intense tissue remodeling, with an increased number of newly formed microvessels (arrows, exploded frame). P2-MSC implants maintained their compact structure and did not interact with CAM; no increment of vascularization was detected. HUVEC grafts revealed Geltrex™ degradation, CAM remodeling, and increased vascularization. Two representative samples for each cell type are displayed. HUVEC human umbilical vein endothelial cell, MPC mesangiogenic progenitor cell, MSC mesenchymal stromal cell

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