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Table 2 Summary of previous and current reports for comparison of synovial MSCs between RA and OA patients

From: Yields and chondrogenic potential of primary synovial mesenchymal stem cells are comparable between rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis patients

Author Jones [15] Skalska [17] Koizumi [18] Kohno
Sample number RA (n = 45)
OA (n = 11)
RA (n = 24)
OA (n = 18)
RA (n = 13)
OA (n = 6)
RA (n = 8)
OA (n = 8)
RA synovium collection method Biopsy with arthroscopy TKA TKA, arthroplasty for forefoot, synovectomy for hand TKA
Passage number for analysis Passage 3 Passage 4 Passage 2–4 Passage 0
Comparison between RA and OA Surface epitopes: similar Surface epitopes: similar Gene expression: similar Nucleated cell number: similar
Chondro: RA < OA Chondro: similar In vitro and in vivo Yields: similar
Chondro: similar Surface epitopes: similar
Chondro: similar
CRP 0–15(mg/dl) 0.5–8 (mg/dl) 0–0.3 (mg/dl) 0–6 (mg/dl)
  1. RA rheumatoid arthritis, OA osteoarthritis, TKA total knee arthroplasty, Chondro chondrogenesis, CRP C-reactive protein