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Fig. 2

From: Generation of tooth–periodontium complex structures using high-odontogenic potential dental epithelium derived from mouse embryonic stem cells

Fig. 2

mES cell-derived AMBN-positive cells. a mES cell differentiation culture protocols. Protocol No. 1, MOL only; Protocol No. 2, 100 nM LDN193189 added to MOL at the end of day 2 for 2 days; Protocol No. 3, 30 pM BMP4 added to MOL at the end of day 4 for 2 days; and Protocol No. 4, 30 pM BMP4 added to MOL on day 4 for the remaining days. b Cell morphologies under different protocols. c Immunostaining of the day 14 cells cultured under all protocols. AMBN (red), DAPI (blue). Thirty-five points were selected randomly from each group for fluorescence intensity analysis (right). d Western blot for AMBN from mES cells derived epithelial cell. In Protocol No. 3 the AMBN stripe emerged. e Western blot images showed significant high expression of P-Smad1/5/8 and β-catenin in Protocol No. 3 as compared with other protocols on day 14 (Color figure online). AMBN ameloblastin, BMP4 bone morphogenic protein 4, D day, GAPDH glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

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