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Fig. 5

From: Effects of mechanical stimulation on the reprogramming of somatic cells into human-induced pluripotent stem cells

Fig. 5

Typical morphology and ALP staining in each group a at day 14 (7 days after being seeded on STO) and b at day 21. c Significantly more colonies were obtained in group FM8%4D than in the other groups, especially group CP. d The number of ALP+ colonies in each group was measured using Image J and is expressed as the fold-ratio compared to group CP. e ALP staining showed that the morphology of iPSCs in the three groups (CP, FM3%4D, and FM8%4D) was similar to that of human ES cells. *p < 0.05. ALP alkaline phosphatase, CP commercial plates, D days, ES embryonic stem, FM flexible membranes, iPSC induced pluripotent stem cell

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