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Table 1 Important components of SVF, respective sizes, and surface markers

From: Adipose tissue-derived stromal vascular fraction in regenerative medicine: a brief review on biology and translation

Cell types of the SVF Cell size range [in µm]* Molecular markers# [1, 26, 29]
Positive Negative
ADSC ~10–25 μm and reported up to 200+ μm in culture [34,35,36] CD34, CD73, CD13, CD90, CD105, CD29 CD31, CD45, CD144
EPC ~7–8 μm (smallest defined) [37] CD34, CD31, CD133, CD146 CD45
EC ~10–30 μm [38] CD31, FVIII CD34
T regulatory cells ~7–12 μm [39, 40] CD4, CD25, Foxp3, CD8
Macrophages ~20 μm [41] CD45, CD14, CD34, CD206
Smooth muscle cells ~3–20 μm in width and 20–500 μm in length [42, 43] Smooth muscle actin (SMA)
Pericytes Up to ~70 μm in length [44] CD146, CD90, CD73, CD44, CD29, CD13 CD34, CD45, CD56
Pre-adipocytes ~10 μm [45] CD34 CD45, CD31, CD146
  1. *Diameter; unless mentioned otherwise
  2. The Table captures the approximate range of cell sizes as reported in different studies [34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45] and provides an overview of surface antigens for the respective cell type [1, 26, 29]. # Includes surface or CD markers, cytoplasmic and nuclear factors
  3. ADSC adipose-derived stem/stromal cells, EC endothelial cells, EPC endothelial precursor cells, SVF stromal vascular fraction