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Table 2 Overview of characteristics of native and culture expanded ADSCs

From: Adipose tissue-derived stromal vascular fraction in regenerative medicine: a brief review on biology and translation

Factors Native ADSCs [52] Culture-expanded ADSCs [1, 34,35,36, 46, 47, 52]
Cell surface markers CD34, CD73, CD90, CD13 CD73, CD90, CD13; (CD34 expression decreases and ceases with in vitro expansion)
Morphology Branched, with up to 80-μm long protrusions forming a network surrounding mature adipocytes Typical elongated, stromal cell shape, ~10–25 μm and reported to go up to 200 + μm
Location Both perivascular and stromal positions in situ Not applicable
Functional characteristics • Support adipose tissue growth. • Might differentiate to form mature adipocytes • Facilitate and/or participate in angiogenesis. • Potential for differentiation to adipo-, osteo-, and chondrogenic lineages. • Immunomodulatory properties.
  1. This table summarises important characteristics and differences between native and culture expanded ADSCs [1, 34,35,36, 46, 47, 52]
  2. ADSC adipose-derived stem/stromal cell