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Table 1 Signalment, body weight, and body condition score of canine donors

From: In-vitro characterization of canine multipotent stromal cells isolated from synovium, bone marrow, and adipose tissue: a donor-matched comparative study

Donor Age (years) Sex Body weight (kg) BCS (1–9)a Breed
1 2 MC 29.3 4 Catahoula
2 6 MC 71.7 8 Newfoundland
3 3 MC 21.4 4 Mix Breed
4 3 MC 39.4 6 Labrador Retriever
5 5 FS 43.5 6 German Shepherd
  1. Age, sex, body weight (kilograms), body condition score, and breed of the five canine donors enrolled in this study
  2. MC male, castrated; FS female, spayed; BCS body condition score
  3. aBCS is a measure of obesity, with 1 representing an extremely thin animal, 4–6 representing an ideal body condition, and 9 representing morbid obesity