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Fig. 5

From: Transplantation of Isl1+ cardiac progenitor cells in small intestinal submucosa improves infarcted heart function

Fig. 5

Implantation of SIS-ECM-CPC improved cardiac function in mice with MI. Representative M-mode echocardiographic images obtained in Sham (a), Sham + Patch (b), Sham + Patch + Cell (c), MI control (d), MI + Patch (e), and MI + Patch + Cell (f) groups. Quantitative cardiac function analysis of LVEF (g), LVFS (h), LVEDD (i), and LVESD (j) 4 weeks after permanent LAD occlusion of the six groups. Data expressed as mean ± SD. n = 6. MI + Patch + Cell vs sham mice, *p < 0.001; MI + Patch + Cell vs MI mice, #p < 0.004. Modest or no statistical significance was detected between MI + Patch and MI groups. n = 6. MI + Patch vs MI mice, LVEF, #p = 0.034. LVEF left ventricular ejection fraction, LVFS left ventricular fractional shortening, MI myocardial infarction

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