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Fig. 4

From: Combined platelet-rich plasma and lipofilling treatment provides great improvement in facial skin-induced lesion regeneration for scleroderma patients

Fig. 4

Combinatorial treatment benefits for SSc patients. a SSc patient preoperative controls (upper Patient #3, lower Patient #6). Malar and perioral area morphological evaluation (left panels). Evaluation of open and extension rates of the labial rhyme performed with an electronic gauge (middle panels). Left margin lip capillary density and vascular ectasia evaluation (right panels). b SSc patient postoperative controls as reported in a. c Videodermatoscopic surgery: capillary density values (upper left) and vascular ectasia parameters (upper right). Clinical elastomeric indexes: perioral area percentage increase (middle left) and malar area increase percentage (middle right). Operative labial rhyme opening and extension rates: average percentage of the variation openings parameter (down left) and extension parameter (down right)

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