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Table 1 Gene ontology analysis

From: miRNA profiling of NurOwn®: mesenchymal stem cells secreting neurotrophic factors

GO biological process No of genes p value
Gene sets predicted to be upregulated following downregulation of at least three miRNAs (248 genes in analysis)
 Central nervous system development 31 5.15E-05
 Regulation of cellular protein metabolic process 49 5.15E-05
 Regulation of growth 25 5.15E-05
 Cell division 24 5.15E-05
 Regulation of cell cycle 34 5.15E-05
 Regulation of translation 15 0.000127
 Negative regulation of cellular metabolic process 48 0.000127
 Negative regulation of apoptotic process 27 0.000127
 Regulation of protein metabolic process 51 0.000127
 Neurogenesis 27 0.000127
Gene sets predicted to be targeted (downregulated) by at least two upregulated miRNAs (164 genes in analysis)
 Gland development 13 0.00222
 Positive regulation of cell proliferation 20 0.00701
 Negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter 15 0.00831
 Positive regulation of cell migration 10 0.00831
 Regulation of chromosome organization 7 0.00831
 Regulation of cell proliferation 28 0.00831
 Negative regulation of apoptotic process 17 0.00831
 Negative regulation of programmed cell death 17 0.00831
 Positive regulation of developmental processes 19 0.00831
 Positive regulation of cellular component organization 15 0.00831
  1. miRNA: microRNAs