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Fig. 5

From: Tissue source determines the differentiation potentials of mesenchymal stem cells: a comparative study of human mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow and adipose tissue

Fig. 5

BMSCs showed slightly stronger chondrogenic differentiation potential. a, b Total RNA extracted from ATSCs and BMSCs when cells were subjected to CIM for 10 days. Relative expression levels of Sox9 and Col2 checked by qRT-PCR. β-actin as an internal control. Data expressed as mean ± SD. p < 0.05. c DNA methylation status of Sox9 promoter in ATSCs and BMSCs using sodium bisulfite sequencing. Top panel indicates CpG dinucleotide position of the Sox9 promoter region and numbers show positions of CpGs relative to the translation start site. Each PCR product was subcloned and subjected to nucleotide sequencing analysis. Ten representative sequenced clones depicted by filled (methylated) and open (unmethylated) circles for each CpG site. ATSC: adipose tissue-derived MSC, Col2: Collagen type II, BMSC: bone marrow-derived MSC, MSC: mesenchymal stem cell

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