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Fig. 1

From: Adult human periodontal ligament-derived stem cells delay retinal degeneration and maintain retinal function in RCS rats

Fig. 1

Characterization of hPDLSCs. a–i Flow cytometry analysis showing that hPDLSCs express CD44 (a), PKCα (b), and Nestin (c) and are negative for CD45 (d), CD56 (e), CD57 (f), ABCG2 (g), Notch1 (h), and Cx43 (i). Open histograms indicate specific antibodies, and filled histograms represent isotype controls. j–u Representative images for immunocytochemical analysis of hPDLSCs. hPDLSCs express Nestin (k), p75 (l), CD90 (o), CD44 (p), PKCα (s), and Tuj1 (t). Cell nuclei detected with DAPI (j, n, r), and merged images (m, q, u). Scale bar = 100 μm. v–x Trilineage differentiation of hPDLSCs. Oil Red O staining (v), alkaline phosphatase activity assay (w), and Alcian Blue staining (x) of hPDLSCs after 2 weeks of adipogenic, osteogenic, and chondrogenic induction, respectively. Scale bar = 200 μm

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